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October 3, 2013

Director's Corner

On behalf of the VPA, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone, including our generous sponsors, who worked so hard to help make this year's Annual Meeting in Las Vegas a tremendous success. We were also grateful and thrilled to have new, exciting speakers who also helped to make this event one of the best yet. 

The meeting kicked off on Sunday evening with a welcome reception attended by more people than last year and co-hosted by Forte Data Systems and Omnisure. Featured at the reception was Omnisure's blackjack table where all players received at least $10, and some participants headed out to the casino with $50, $100, and $500 gift cards.

On Monday, after the Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer's reports Stephanie Taylor discussed the status of the VPA's transition of the call monitoring program to BPA Quality. Stephanie reported that she has received very positive feedback from call centers, including some who said the program is incredibly efficient and easy to use.

Next we were honored to have Matthew Fehling from the Better Business Bureau provide some great insights on many hot topics facing the industry, including accreditations, complaints, and ratings. Matt's presentation was co-sponsored by Interstate.

Ten-time MLB All-Star Steve Garvey hit it out of the park and closed the meeting on a high note with an engaging and passionate keynote address. His presentation, which was co-sponsored by Moxy Solutions and Mepco, was the perfect combination of anecdotes from his standout baseball career, philanthropic endeavors and business ventures. Steve captured the VPA's new vision, which is to work together to build a positive image with healthy, honest competition among all professionals in the vehicle service contract industry.

Overall, we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and kind words that were greatly appreciated.

If you have any additional feedback from the event, please email me at

All the Best,

Chris Carenza
Executive Director, VPA


Annual Meeting Sponsors

Thank You!

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The VPA would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring portions of this year's Annual Meeting. These companies helped to make the Annual Meeting a huge success, and we are very grateful for their support.


Board of Directors Election Results

As announced at the Annual Meeting, the VPA's Board of Directors has elected new members Ellie Sutherland of Repair Defense Network and Michelle DeFouw of Allegiance Administrators. When the new board convened for the first time, it elected Brian Becker of Interstate National Corporation as Chairman of the Board, Ellie Sutherland as Vice-Chairperson and Jason Schmuck of Marathon Group as Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will participate in executive board sessions that are called periodically throughout the year. Welcome to all new board members!

The VPA would like to thank outgoing board members Jason Currier of American Auto Shield and Shari Smith-Fain of Vehicle Assurance for their hard work and commitment to the VPA. You will be missed!


Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA)

On behalf of the VPA, Executive Director Chris Carenza attended the Democratic Attorneys General Association's (DAGA) Fall Policy Conference last month in Louisville, Kentucky. He had one-on-one meetings with several attorneys general and was able to discuss various industry issues with them. When Chris reported on the conference to the VPA Board of Directors, they decided it was in the best interest of the VPA to join DAGA so we can regularly attend these meetings and establish a strong presence moving forward. If you would like to hear more about the conference or have any questions about DAGA, please contact Chris Carenza at


4th Annual Warranty & Service Contract Innovations Conference

As reported in last month's newsletter, Chris Carenza was invited to speak at the 4th Annual Warranty & Service Contract Innovations Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The topic of his panel session was "Promoting Service Excellence to Attract and Retain Customers," and he was joined by Jimmy Bynum of Cat Financial Insurance Services, part of Caterpillar Inc., Darius Bullock of Lowe's Companies Inc., and Laurence King of the Ford Motor Company. The panel was a huge success; in fact, it was reported to Chris that he received an average of 3.9 out of 4 on the attendee feedback survey. For a recap of the conference, please take a look at this article from Warranty Week.


Regulatory Updates

VPA Legislative Monitoring Report & Memo

As an Association dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the vehicle service contract (VSC) industry, we continue to monitor and track proposed and passed bills and regulations that pertain to our industry. No new relevant bills were signed into law or introduced/proposed this month. If you would like to take a look at the complete list of pending bills and regulations as well as a brief description of each, please visit the September Memo and Legislative Monitoring Report on the VPA website. 

Federal Law Changes: Sales Calls to Cell Phones

This month, significant changes to federal law become effective on Oct. 16 that put new limits on calling a consumer's cell phone even if the consumer is your customer. This change will affect your ability to call your customers for renewals. Please make a note to visit the VPA website Member's Section for suggested language and to learn more about these important upcoming changes.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Carenza at


Insight Into US Fidelis Case From Key Players

At the annual Providers & Administrators Leadership Summit last month in Las Vegas, the keynote session was delivered by two major players in the US Fidelis debacle – Scott Eisenberg, who served as the chief restructuring officer of US Fidelis during the bankruptcy proceedings, and his colleague Terry Keating, managing director of Amherst Partners. The speakers told the crowd that it wasn't fraud that brought US Fidelis down but rather the mismanagement of funds coupled with poor business practices, including high-pressure sales tactics and Do Not Call violations, and failure to properly refund consumers/process cancellations in timely manner. They shared more interesting insights, which are detailed in the article "A Look at US Fidelis From the Inside" from Providers & Administrators magazine. The fact that this case is still being discussed is another reminder that everyone in the industry must continue to uphold the highest standards and always maintain compliance with all state and federal laws.


Public Relations Update – InView Video Project

The VPA is excited to report that we received quite a bit of positive feedback surrounding the debut of the InView Profile Series video project at the Annual Meeting. This video brings the VPA closer to our new vision, partnering with our members to provide consumers with peace of mind when they purchase a vehicle service contract.

The corporate DVD will soon be available on the VPA website, and as another benefit to Gold-certified members it will be available for posting on their website as well. If you are a Gold-certified member and would like the video, please contact Chris Carenza for details at


Certification & Rectification

Congratulations to Vehicle Assurance, CarSafe and NVPS on their successful recertification!

As a certified member, these companies will receive visibility with consumers on the VPA website, and they are also able to display the Gold member status on their own website. Certification is an outward signal to consumers that you have been audited and your call center is in complete compliance with the standards of conduct. Knowing you are certified gives consumers a feeling of confidence, and they know you are a company that adheres to state and federal laws

If you are interested in becoming certified or recertified or would like to learn more about the process, please contact Chris Carenza at


Member Showcase

Run with the VPA!

As mentioned in last month's newsletter, VPA Executive Director Chris Carenza is running the 2013 ING New York City Marathon for Team for Kids, an organization that provides free or low-cost fitness and wellness programs to underserved children who would otherwise have little access to physical activity. 

In support of this effort, we rallied our members to participate in the event and be featured in the newsletter's Member Showcase. Thanks to generous donations from many VPA members, we exceeded our goal and raised a total of $5,625 for Team for Kids.  

Chris, along with the VPA, would like to recognize the following companies for their support and generous contributions to this worthy cause.  

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