VPA 2012 Annual Meeting

Director's Corner

Welcome to the VPA Newsletter. The intent of this newsletter is to keep members and prospective members up to date on the latest industry and association news. We'll publish the newsletter periodically as events warrant. In this first edition, we'll touch on a few new initiatives we are rolling out. In our next newsletter, after the Annual Meeting, we will provide a recap of the meeting and its outputs.

The year ahead will be a year in which we take things to a higher level at the VPA, fulfilling our charter to promote regulatory transparency, education and accountability for the marketing and servicing of vehicle service contracts. To do that, we need your help. Please contact me at any time with your ideas for the newsletter and/or for the organization as a whole.

Chris Carenza
Executive Director, VPA
email: chris@vpanet.org


Mailer and Website Review Programs

Visit the Member's Section of our site to learn about two new programs that we've created to further benefit our members and protect consumers: the Mailer Review program and the Website Review program. In the wake of US Fidelis and other federal enforcement actions, the Association thought it would be helpful to identify some of the conduct that courts found to violate the law. These new programs do exactly that. More information.


Consumer Alerts Program

This Fall, we will be introducing a VPA Consumer Alerts initiative that will give consumers helpful information on how to buy a vehicle service contract. In addition, we will identify companies that consumers should not do business with -- those firms that blatantly disregard our industry standards of conduct and give the industry a bad name.


Legislative Update

Around the country, new and pending laws and regulations are impacting how our member companies must conduct business. We have posted a VPA September Legislative Update to the Member's Section of the site. If you conduct business in New York, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Nebraska, this is a must-read for you. More information,


Industry-wide Call Storage Program

The VPA is in the process of partnering with Skyline Graffix, Inc to provide a cloud-based PCI compliant storage space for all call recordings. Each finance company will have their own "cloud" for the individual call centers with whom they conduct business to automatically deposit their recordings. Administrators will also have access to the recordings for their contracts.

The storage cloud also will eliminate much of the call centers' work for the VPA call recording program, making it much more efficient. The VPA will be able to randomly select calls from the "cloud" without all of the unnecessary back and forth that sometimes currently occurs with the call centers.


VPA Members Section Access

If you need access to the Members Section of the VPA website and are a member in good standing, please email chris@vpanet.org to request access. After verification that you are a member in good standing, you will receive login credentials.