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June 13, 2014

VPA Annual Meeting Highlights

On behalf of the VPA, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all who helped out with this year's Annual Meeting! We had a strong turnout this year with 107 attendees, up from 102 in Las Vegas last year. Over 45 different organizations were represented, including 43 people from 20 call centers (last year there were 23 call centers represented), 35 people from 14 different administrators, 12 people from 3 payment providers, 7 people from 3 data fulfillment providers, and 10 people from 9 miscellaneous categories. We are very grateful to the Federal Trade Commission and the Missouri Attorney General's Office for their participation in the event, along with the other expert speakers who shared their expertise on some of the very important topics in the VSC industry.

Thanks again to all who attended, spoke, sponsored and had a hand in making this year's Annual Meeting possible.

Annual Meeting – Survey Results

After the Annual Meeting, we polled attendees on how to improve this event in coming years and discover what we can do to better meet the needs of our members throughout the current year. Below is a look at some of the feedback we received. For a full summary of the survey results you can go to the VPA website and find them on the front page under Newsletters.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of $100 each for responding to the survey: Mindi Gruby of Imperial, Robin Duebner of Stop Repair Bills, and Marcy Johnson of Service Protection Direct!

We also polled respondents on their interest in topics for free VPA-sponsored webinars and saw interest in topics such as handling refunds and cancellations, verification scripts, consumer complaint resolution and state and federal compliance issues. Because we appreciate your feedback, we are implementing a series of webinars that will start next Wednesday, June 18 (see details below).

Thank you to all who participated in the survey; your responses were full of great information that we will use to inform our programming and practices going forward. The VPA exists to serve you, and your feedback is essential to the success of this organization.

If you have any questions or additional feedback, please contact Chris Carenza at

Webinar on Cancellations and Refunds

As mentioned above, Annual Meeting attendees expressed an interested in learning more about best practices for handling cancellations and refunds. This is a topic that continues to be one of interest to our members and is an important issue within our industry. As a result, we will be hosting a webinar to provide further information regarding regulatory compliance and proper handling for issues involving cancellations and refunds.

This free webinar will be held at 10 a.m./CST, on Wednesday, June 18 and will be approximately 45 minutes long, with the opportunity to ask questions.

To join the webinar, simply click this link. When prompted, enter meeting number 198 567 413. If you are only able to follow along via audio connection, you may dial in using the following phone number: 1-415-655-0001.

Please contact Chris Carenza at with any questions.

VPA Regulatory/Legislative Updates

VPA Legislative Monitoring Report

As an Association dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the vehicle service contract (VSC) industry, we continue to monitor and track proposed and passed bills and regulations that pertain to our industry. No new relevant bills were signed into law this month. To review the complete list of pending bills and regulations as well as a brief description of each, please visit the May Memo and Legislative Monitoring Report available to members only on the VPA website.

Please contact Chris Carenza at with any questions.

Annual Meeting Sponsors

The VPA would like to extend a special thank you to the sponsors who generously supported our event.

Diamond Sponsors



Tech Choice

Platinum Sponsors


Go Forte

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Gold Sponsors

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MBA Holdings Group


MacMurray Petersen & Shuster LLP