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Why Get Certified?

VPA certification benefits vehicle service contract companies and their customers.

For industry companies, certification gives firms the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that they are compliant with the complex myriad of consumer service contract, advertising and telemarketing regulations. Furthermore, the certification has been developed so that companies can market to their clients and potential clients that they have voluntarily chosen to undergo a thorough and vigorous review to demonstrate their commitment to compliance. In addition, the audits that are performed by the VPA Auditor leave a company operating much more efficiently than they did before the audit. Certified companies benefit by learning industry best practices and by streamlining their operations.

For consumers in the market for vehicle service contracts, it's a good idea to do business with a VPA-certified company. The consumer can rest easy, knowing that the certified company complies with the VPA Standards of Conduct, which are designed to ensure fair treatment of consumers.

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