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What if I want to cancel my vehicle service contract?

The specifics of cancelling a vehicle service contract vary from provider to provider. Cancelling within 30 days of purchase will often provide for a full refund. After that period, and if the contract was not utilized, a pro-rata refund may be available depending on what is specified in the agreement. In some cases, an administrative fee may reduce the amount of your refund. Ask before purchasing your service contract what the terms of your agreement allow, including whether there are any administrative fees associated with cancelling.


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  23. How does the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) ensure that I, as a consumer, am protected from fraud, false advertising, or other exploitive practices?
  24. Does the VPA provide a list of trusted organizations and businesses?
  25. Who can I contact if I have a problem with my automotive service contract or its provider?

Tip for Consumers: To avoid being the victim of an "automobile warranty scam", perpetrated by an unethical vendor, you need to ask the right questions before you purchase a vehicle service contract. In addition to educating consumers, the VPA is working on several other initiatives to ensure that all consumers are protected.

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