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Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. If you're like most people, the idea of dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an unexpected vehicle repair isn't an option, especially in these tough economic times.

Vehicle service plans provide financial security for vehicle owners. Rather than spending large sums of cash on unexpected repairs, a good vehicle service plan allows you the option of paying installments on a pre-determined schedule, giving you the ability to make upfront choices about the level of coverage you need for each vehicle.

VPA members are committed to delivering the best possible vehicle service plans to their clients. Unlike other service contract providers, VPA members' first priority is making sure you get the service plan you need. The VPA's unparalleled industry Standard of Conduct is your assurance that you'll not only receive quality automotive service coverage, but that you will be treated fairly and honestly throughout the process.

What to Look for in a Vehicle Service Plan Provider

To maximize the value of vehicle service plans, it's important for consumers to know what to look for in a vehicle service plan provider. Reputable providers are careful to make sure they don't misrepresent their products and to ensure that their vendors and business partners share their commitment to ethical business practices.

You will never hear a reputable vehicle service plan provider refer to their products as "extended vehicle warranties". This type of messaging is intentionally deceptive and violates industry regulations because it creates the impression that the provider is extending the original manufacturer's warranty rather than delivering third-party vehicle service coverage. As such, extended car warranties are essential a misnomer.

The VPA is diligent about educating our members about industry standards and regulations. Consumers should avoid vehicle service plan providers that refuse to adhere to VPA Standards of Conduct and other industry protocols.

The Advantages of VPA Certification

In today's automotive service contract industry, it simply makes sense for consumers to focus their search on VPA certified companies. The VPA certification process is a top to bottom audit of the provider's compliance with VPA standards and other applicable regulations. In essence, it's a guarantee that your provider meets the industry's highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Becoming a Responsible Vehicle Service Plan Consumer

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to worry about the quality and integrity of your vehicle service plan provider. But in reality, responsible consumers are the driving force behind a better automotive service contract industry. We invite you to join with the VPA to constantly improve the industry by educating yourself and others about to how to buy a vehicle service contract from a reputable provider.

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