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Vehicle Service Contract BBB and Insurer Ratings

Posting BBB and Insurer Ratings on your Website?

Be sure to be clear when indicating your and your administrators' BBB ratings and an insurer's A.M. Best Company ratings on your websites.

For example, American Auto Shield is "A+ Rated" by the BBB. Their insurer is "A Rated". For vehicle service contract providers who work with American Auto Shield, posting a general statement such as, "Our carriers are A+ Rated" could be confusing and misleading to consumers.

In this case, if the consumer were to take the initiative to research American Auto Shields insurer rating through A.M. Best, they may feel misled because they were erroneously led to believe that the insurer was "A+ Rated".

Remember, losing the consumer's trust can lead to losing the sale. When describing BBB and insurer ratings on your site, be sure to be as explicit and unambiguous as possible.

Special thanks to our friends at American Auto Shield for providing this useful tip.