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Demand for Vehicle Protection Services

Fast vehicle turnover? It's not happening in today's economy. Studies indicate that motor vehicle owners are opting to extend the life of their vehicles rather than trading them in for the latest models.

As a result, vehicle protection services and extended service contracts are emerging as a viable resource for protecting the value of vehicles over the long-term. When manufacturer warranties expire, vehicle owners are on the hook for the full cost of repairs and replacements -- unless you take the additional step of purchasing an extended service contract from a qualified vehicle protections services provider.

The VPA (Vehicle Protection Association) is dedicated to standards of excellence and integrity in the delivery of vehicle protection services. VPA members adhere to rigid Standards of Conduct and share our commitment to first-rate extended service coverage for vehicle owners.

Keeping the Vehicle Protection Services Market Competitive

The vehicle service contract market is dominated by auto manufacturers and dealerships that capitalize on contracts as an "add-on" to car sales. Association members recognize that competition is healthy -- consumers benefit when these contracts are available from alternative sale channels, ensuring that auto dealers do not have monopoly power to set prices for pre-paid vehicle service.

Virtually everyone agrees that competition is desirable, a critical cog in the engine of American innovation. Without the presence of VPA members, the vehicle protection and warranty industry would consist almost wholly of automotive dealers providing manufacturer-specific warranties to consumers. These dealers could dictate not only the repair shops and service centers available under the warranties, but would also have a significant price-setting capability.

The real losers in this market would be American consumers. VPA members provide another option, a non-manufacturer-specific method for ensuring that unexpected vehicular troubles can be paid for in a predictable fashion.

VPA Certification Standards

VPA certified companies believe in the necessity of healthy competition. But they also believe it is their responsibility to make sure their customers are treated in a fair and honest manner.

Subsequently, many VPA members take the additional step of submitting their organizations to stringent, third-party evaluations designed to verify full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and VPA Standards of Conduct.

VPA's Certification-Audit program proactively deters unfair and predatory business practices. But it is also designed to improve the vehicle protection service's operational efficiency, improving the overall value of the vehicle service contracts you receive from VPA certified members.

For peace of mind and quality assurance, we strongly encourage vehicle owners to explore the vehicle protection services that are available through VPA certified companies.

Finding the Right Vehicle Protection Services Provider

No doubt about it . . . for many vehicle owners, extended vehicle protection services are a smart way to financially protect the life of their cars, trucks and motorcycles. But it's equally clear that consumers need to exercise care and caution in the selecting the right vehicle protection service provider.

The VPA is dedicated to promoting a fair and competitive extended service contract industry. As a consumer, we invite you to join us in our efforts to improve the industry by demanding the highest levels of integrity and quality in the extended protection services you purchase for your vehicles.

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