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Vehicle Protection Association Launches Certification-Audit Program to Evaluate Member Companies

Certification-Audit Program will provide consumers with information about which companies are in compliance with Vehicle Protection Association standards and state and federal laws.

Selbyville, DE September 29, 2009 -- The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), an association formed to promote regulatory transparency, education and accountability for marketing and servicing automotive service contracts, announced today that they have launched a Certification-Audit Program.

All members of the association will be strongly encouraged to participate in the program. 

The program will evaluate member companies based on standards established by the VPA. The evaluations will include compliance with federal and state laws, protecting consumers and honestly representing services provided. Applicants for certification will be required to submit to a third-party compliance review that will thoroughly evaluate the company, including an on-site audit.

"The Certification-Audit Program will give consumers a piece of information they can use to evaluate the trustworthiness of a service contract company," said Larry Hecker, executive director of VPA. "The standards we have established ensure that all members of our association are always looking out for the best interest of the consumer. As such, consumers can rest assured knowing that any company that has passed our Certification-Audit is a company they can trust."

The launch of the Certification-Audit Program is one of the many actions the VPA is taking to reform the vehicle service contract industry. The association has already publicly denounced corrupt and illegal business practices, such as robo-calling, and is continuing to develop and implement programs to protect consumers and support self regulation of the industry.

About the Vehicle Protection Association

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing firms that are active in the automotive service contract industry. Members include service contract finance companies, marketers, administrators, insurers, and software providers. VPA currently has more than 50 members. The organization is committed to ensuring regulatory compliance among members, educating consumers on their rights, protecting consumers, and otherwise ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry.

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