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Vehicle Protection Association Endorses Federal Communications Commission Decision on Robocalling

New FCC rules require consumers to opt in before receiving telemarketing messages.

Selbyville, DE – February 17, 2012 – The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), an association formed to promote regulatory transparency, education and accountability for marketing and servicing automotive service contracts, is announcing its support for the FCC decision to require companies to earn consent before robocalling consumers.

The FCC issued Wednesday stricter rules on automated phone calls originating from telemarketers, or robocalls, that prohibit companies from robocalling consumers who have not opted in to receive them.

The amendments were made to regulations in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Among the changes:

  • Marketers using automated dialing systems or predictive dialers may issue no phone calls to consumers’ cell phones without written consent.
  • Prerecorded telemarketing calls to residential numbers are prohibited without the recipient’s prior written consent.
  • All prerecorded telemarketing messages must include an opt-out mechanism that terminates the call and adds the recipient’s number to an internal do-not-call list.

All VPA members have agreed to abide by the VPA Standards of Conduct, a uniform ethical code designed to protect consumers who purchase vehicle service contracts. Members are prohibited from engaging in robodialing and are required to adhere to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations regarding automatic telephone dialing systems.

“The Vehicle Protection Association stands behind the FCC’s regulations on robocalling, which reflect on the position our association has already established,” said Larry Hecker, executive director of the VPA. “Consumers should avoid purchasing an auto service contract from companies that intentionally attempt to skirt the law by using deceptive marketing practices.”

Consumers should visit to add their names to the National Do Not Call Registry, which requires consumers to update their preference again after five years.

Consumers shopping for vehicle service contracts should choose to work with VPA Gold-Certified companies, which have passed a rigorous third-party compliance review. A full list of VPA-certified vendors is available on the organization’s website.

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