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VPA Standards of Conduct: Business Names

Section 2.2 of the VPA Standards of Conduct indicates that VPA Members shall register every name that they conduct business under (referred to as "DBA names") with the appropriate agency in each state where they are required to do so.

Additional standards that apply to business names of companies in the vehicle service contracts industry include the following:

  • 2.2.1. Members shall not conduct business under any deceptive or misleading DBA name(s), use a DBA name that is registered to another business and/or use any DBA name that is deceptively similar to a DBA name used by another business.
  • 2.2.2. Members shall not use DBA names that contain words such as "warranty," "dealer," "dealership," "manufacturer" (including actual manufacturer's name; e.g. "Ford") or any other words that falsely imply that the company is somehow associated with the manufacturer of the motor vehicle.
  • 2.2.3. Members shall not use any DBA that contains words such as "insurance," "surety," "mutual" or any other words descriptive of the insurance, casualty or surety business, or a name deceptively similar to the name or description of any insurance or surety corporation.
  • 2.2.4. Members shall provide the Association and/or the Association's auditor(s) with a list of all DBA names it uses and/or has registered with any state agency.
  • 2.2.5. Members shall, upon receiving notice from the Association, immediately cease use of any DBA names determined to violate these Standards.

For example, a company that calls itself "Ford Extended Warranties, Inc." or "Car Manufacturer Warranty Extensions LLC" would be in clear violation of this industry standard.

Compliance with these Business Name standards is one of the Basic Standards for the vehicle service contracts industry. The Basic Standards do not constitute the full set of standards developed for our industry. Other standards addressed include but are not limited to Advertising, Offers, Outbound Telemarketing, Refund Policies and Procedures, Security of Customer Information, Privacy Policy and Data Collection Practices, and the Consumer Complaint Process.

A full version of the VPA Standards of Conduct is available here.

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