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VPA Membership Levels

The VPA provides three levels of membership to its members: Gold, Silver and Bronze

VPA Gold Certification

VPA Gold-Certified member marketing companies have passed a comprehensive, third-party review process that tests and monitors their conformity to industry standards and best practices. To attain this certification, the company and its staff are subjected to on-site interviews, procedural reviews, call monitoring and a process improvement initiative that ensures that the organizations policies and procedures are fully compliant.

For consumers who want to protect their vehicles after their manufacturer's warranty expires, VPA Gold-Certified companies are the best choice. Rather than doing business with an unproven marketing company, consumers can be assured that their VPA Gold-Certified provider is committed to treating them fairly and meets or exceeds all applicable federal and state regulations.

VPA Silver Membership

VPA Silver companies are VPA member firms that administer or finance the vehicle service contracts that are offered by vehicle service contract marketing companies. The firms who are Silver level members have agreed to adhere to the VPA's Standard of Conduct, which are designed to protect consumers.

VPA Bronze Membership

VPA Bronze companies are members who market vehicle service contracts (extended service agreements) that have agreed to adhere to the VPA's Standard of Conduct. This is a uniform ethical code, applicable to the entire automotive service contract industry that protects consumers and establishes a baseline of integrity for our VPA members. Companies that market vehicle service contracts and that join the VPA automatically receive Bronze-level membership, based on their commitment to adhere to our industry standards. In many cases, they have applied for Gold Certification but have not yet been through the complete process.

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