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Underinflated tires can undermine your car's performance. In cold weather, tires lose air pressure, so it's especially important to check your tires prior to and during the winter cold season.

To find the proper tire pressure, don't look on the tire itself. You'll find it on the inside of the driver-side front door.

It's also a good idea to periodically look at the tire tread. The penny test is viewed by many to be a tried and true way to check whether a tire needs to be replaced. Put the penny upside down inside of the tread lines, checking many spots on the tire. If you see Abe Lincoln's head showing, it's time to think about replacing your tire.

Maintaining your vehicle will make it last longer and your car will likely be more reliable as a result. Of course, repairs may still be needed and that's when you'll be glad that you've purchased a vehicle service contract to avoid unexpected costs.

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