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The Importance of Independent Vehicle Service Contract Providers

The vehicle service contract industry is a complex business environment consisting of service contract marketers, administrators, payment processing companies, insurers, software providers and other businesses.

Auto dealerships have a major stake in selling extended service coverage to their customers. However, the industry is also populated by many independent service contract providers – companies that who may or may not be directly tied to a dealership.

Independent vehicle service contract providers are more than just peripheral business interests eager to capture their slice of the consumer marketplace. In fact, independent automotive service contract providers play a vitally important role in serving consumers and maintaining the integrity of the industry.


One of the most important benefits independent service contract providers bring to the industry is self-regulation. Industries that are dominated by a handful of companies have little motivation to implement strong, self-regulatory measures. But in the automotive service contract industry, independent providers are motivated to improve the industry and to ensure that fair business practices are uniformly implemented. Large numbers of independent providers and organizations like the VPA also increase the amount of collaboration and peer accountability that exists in an industry.

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