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Standards of Conduct

To promote self-regulation in the vehicle service contract industry, the VPA has created Standards of Conduct, a uniform code to guide VPA members in the ethical conduct of business with consumers.

Since dishonest and misleading practices damage the entire industry, VPA members are encouraged to not only adhere to VPA Standards of Conduct, but to actively promote them to other businesses in the automotive service contract community.

Comprehensive in scope, VPA Standards cover a broad range of consumer-related topics. Here is a sampling of the issues that are addressed in the Standards of Conduct.

Basic Standards

VPA Standards of Conduct require members to comply with all applicable federal and state laws. Additionally, members are prohibited from engaging in deceptive practices in their business names, contracts, customer service protocols or by creating a false sense of exclusivity and/or urgency.

Advertising & Offers

VPA members must exercise discipline and integrity in their promotional activities. They must be prepared to substantiate any claims or offers they make and must ensure that mailing list contacts have been legally obtained. Similarly, all offers must be disclosed to prospective customers in a clear, honest and complete manner.

Outbound Telemarketing

Members must obtain a Subscription Account Number (SAN) by registering with the FTC and must scrub their outbound call lists against the National/State DNC (Do Not Call) Registry. Outbound telemarketers are required to immediately identify themselves as a seller, informing the consumer about the nature of the call and their products. Certain automated telephone dialing systems are permitted as long as they comply with all federal and the various state laws, and calls are made during appropriate business hours.

Refund Policies & Procedures

Refund policies must be disclosed to consumers prior to the sale of products and services. Members are required to honor customer refund requests for a minimum of thirty days following the sale date and maintain cash reserves that are sufficient to issue refunds to all customers entitled to a refund at any given time.

Customer Privacy & Data Collection

In general, members are required to take steps to protect all non-public customer information in both electronic and written form, including the creation of a written Information Security program. Members must also disclose their privacy policy to consumers and may not sell their customers’ personal information without consent. Data collection is permissible to the extent that it complies with federal and state laws as well as best practices outlined in the VPA Standards of Conduct.

Consumer Complaint Process

Consumers deserve to have their complaints resolved in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. Additionally, VPA members must maintain a written consumer complaint process in place and commit to making a good faith effort to resolve every consumer complaint.

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