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Vehicle Service Contract Resources for Consumers

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is dedicated to helping consumers make smart choices regarding vehicle service contracts. Select from the list below to find resources for consumers.

  • Vehicle Service Contracts Product Information - Automotive service contracts are designed to protect the investment in your vehicle. But finding the right service contract can be a challenge, even for experienced auto owners. So it’s important to understand the types of products and service contracts that exist in the marketplace before you make a purchasing decision.
  • Vehicle Service Contract Benefits - For most consumers, a vehicle purchase is a major investment. Like it or not, you have a lot riding on the value of your car or truck – and that means the decision to purchase a vehicle service contract isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. A vehicle service contract is almost always a smart choice for consumers interested in protecting themselves from the high costs of unexpected vehicle repairs.
  • Vehicle Service Contract Buying Tips - Although buying a vehicle service contract can be frustrating, a little information will go a long way toward streamlining the process and creating an enjoyable buying experience. To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of tips and resources that tell you everything you need to know when it’s time to start talking to prospective service contract providers.
  • Vehicle Maintenance - The VPA and the vehicle service contract industry are committed to helping consumers protect the value and performance of their vehicles. To help you keep your vehicle in peak condition, we have compiled a list of practical vehicle maintenance tips and resources.
  • Making a Vehicle Service Contract Claim - Vehicle breakdowns are never fun. But the real value of your vehicle service contract will become evident when your auto requires a major repair. And when that day comes, you’ll need to know the proper procedure for submitting a claim to your vehicle service contract provider.
  • Filing a Complaint - The VPA requires that its member companies comply with all applicable telemarketing regulations. You can help us to monitor industry compliance by reporting any automated robocalls from telemarketers who want you to purchase a vehicle service contract.
  • A History of Extended Car Warranty Scams - Car warranty scams were big news between 2006 and 2010. In this article, we cover the history of extended car warranty scams and explain what the industry has done to protect consumers.
  • American Greed, US Fidelis and Extended Car Warranty Scams - American Greed's story on US Fidelis and their misleading extended car warranty marketing practices tells an interesting tale, but the vehicles service contracts industry moved on years ago.
  • Additional Thoughts on American Greed: The Extended Car Warranty Scam Episode - The July 2014 American Greed story on auto warranty scams perpetrated by US Fidelis neglected to cover the industry reaction to the illegal and unethical actions of brothers Cory and Darain Atkinson.
  • The Auto Warranty Scam Myth - The auto warranty scam is largely a thing of the past, thanks to ethical industry participants who banded together to protect the integrity of the vehicle service contracts industry.
  • Additional Resources Regarding Vehicle Service Contracts - A good vehicle service contract can prolong the life of your vehicle and protect your pocketbook from costly auto repairs. But to make the most of your vehicle service contract, you’ll need to invest the time and effort it takes to become an informed consumer.

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