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VPA membership is an important step for integrity-conscious organizations in the automotive service contract field. But for companies that are interested in taking their self-regulatory efforts to the next level, we offer VPA certification – a comprehensive, third party review process that demonstrates total compliance with federal/state regulations and industry best practices.

The VPA certification process is entirely voluntary. Organizations that apply for VPA certification willingly submit to a rigorous and lengthy review process that includes a company audit, on-site interviews, call monitoring and follow-up reviews by an independent company .

After the applicant’s organization has been examined with a fine-toothed comb, reviewers meet with the organization’s principals to discuss areas that need to be improved before certification can be granted. Reviewers also discuss how the organization can implement best practices to create a more efficient and streamlined operation.

For consumers, VPA certified companies are the gold standard of the automotive service contract industry. Rather than rolling the dice on an unproven provider, consumers can be assured that their VPA certified provider is committed to treating them fairly and meets or exceeds all applicable federal and state regulations.

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