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VPA Overview for Regulators

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is a not-for-profit trade organization that is dedicated to promoting fair and ethical practices across the vehicle service contract industry.

The VPA is driven by an overarching desire to deliver consumer value through the promotion of automotive protection programs to vehicle owners and the implementation of consumer protection standards among vehicle service contract providers.
Since consumers benefit from a competitive industry environment, the VPA enhances competition by assuring that auto dealers do not have monopoly power to set prices for pre-paid services and by advancing the efforts of companies that provide alternative sales channels.

At the same time, the VPA works to promote higher industry standards by requiring our members to comply with VPA Standards of Conduct, a baseline ethical code that is designed to meet and/or exceed applicable federal and/or state regulations.

To aid regulators in our shared mission, we have compiled a list of informational resources, including:

  • Regulator Resources – An archive of useful articles and other resources for industry regulators and oversight professionals.
  • Regulator FAQ – Answers to commonly asked questions about the VPA and our mission.
  • Standards of Conduct – The self-regulating, ethical code that all VPA members are required to implement in their organizations.
  • Certification – An overview of the comprehensive, third-party review process that is required for VPA certified companies.
  • Schedule a Briefing - An opportunity for regulators to receive an industry update and interface directly with one or more VPA representatives.

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