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Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract

Making an informed decision about your vehicle service contract (VSC) can be done simply by asking some important questions. These questions will help you get a basic understanding of your contract and what you can expect.

How Much Does My VSC Cost?
Cost may be one of the most important things for customers considering a VSC. Make sure it’s within your budget, but more coverage and upfront cost now may save hundreds or even thousands in repair costs down the road.

How Long Does My VSC Last?
Understanding how long your coverage will be around is another important parameter. Consider how much driving you will be doing and make sure it fits with your expectations for mileage and year length on the contract.

What Does my VSC Cover (or Not Cover)?
Understanding what is covered is important, but equally important is understanding what’s not covered. This question may influence which contract you purchase based on what types of repairs you’re willing to pay out of pocket, should they arise down the road.

How Are Claims Handled on My VSC?
Figuring out how claims are handled early is a best rather than waiting until your car is in the shop trying to get repair work done. Asking the question now will help avoid headaches and delays later.

Who Backs My VSC?
This is a key detail that many customers may not consider because it identifies who is paying for the repairs. Determine the administrator/insurance company’s financial strength and since independent contract administrators authorize payment it is also important to get some details on their background. Get to know how long the administrator has been in business, its standing with consumer organizations and its financial stability. This question will assist you in making an informed decision about a contract provider you can trust.

What Kind of Replacement Parts Will My VSC Ensure Are Used?
Many VSCs will call on repair facilities to use like new parts or reconditioned parts. In some cases where these are not easily obtainable, good used parts maybe substituted. Although these parts are often just as operationally good as a brand new part, understand how this will work and how comfortable you are with alternative parts.

What Are The Terms of My VSC?
Never purchase a VSC from a company that will not provide a copy of the terms and conditions of the contract. Asking this question will make sure you understand those terms and that you get a copy of your own.

Can I Understand My VSC?
Every contract you purchase should be easily understood by you and the provider. You should never need a legal degree to understand your coverage. Ask this question of yourself before purchasing and make sure you understand what’s going on and how it will exactly affect your service.

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