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Standards of Conduct

Fair and ethical business practices are key factors of success in any industry. But in the vehicle service contract industry, it is critical for organizations to adhere to an ethical code of conduct and to demonstrate a commitment to dealing fairly with consumers.

Since misleading or deceptive practices damage the entire industry, the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) has published Standards of Conduct. VPA Standards of Conduct are a self-regulatory mechanism designed to promote ethical business practices – a minimum threshold intended to protect consumers and establish a baseline of conduct for the entire vehicle protection services field.

Although some individual Standards may not apply all types of businesses, as a whole VPA Standards of Conduct have been created to meet and exceed federal and/or state regulations. Comprehensive in scope, our Standards of Conduct address a broad range of topics including marketing vehicle service contracts, customer service, deceptive advertising, disclosures, data collection, complaint resolution and telemarketing.

At the VPA, we believe the Standards of Conduct are essential for any business operating in the automotive protection services field. However, VPA members are required, and have agreed, to comply with the Standards of Conduct and are encouraged to implement measures that offer even greater consumer protection than the ones mandated by VPA Standards.