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Vehicle Protection Plans

Prospective Member FAQ

What does the VPA do?

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is a nonprofit, industry organization for companies that sell, finance and administer vehicle service contracts.

Working closely with our members and other key players throughout the industry, our mission is to promote the ethical delivery of high quality and cost-effective vehicle protection programs to consumers. As a driving force in the vehicle protection field, the VPA has been instrumental in dramatically reducing the number of consumer complaints about unfair and unethical business practices.

In addition to promoting ethical standards, the VPA serves as a resource for vehicle service contract providers, consumers, industry regulators and other interests. By becoming VPA members, vehicle protection companies gain several important benefits, including the opportunity to participate in our efforts to constantly improve the vehicle service contract industry.

How will VPA membership benefit my company?

Vehicle protection providers gain several direct and indirect benefits from VPA membership. Right away, new VPA members will receive access to timely industry updates and information about regulatory requirements that affect their companies. New VPA members will also receive the transparency and accountability that accompanies a partnership with the leading trade organization in the field of automotive service contracts.

But most importantly, VPA membership assures your customers that your company is dedicated to the pursuit of ethical business standards and cost-effective operating practices. Today’s vehicle service contract buyers are informed consumers who look for independent, third party oversight in their vehicle protection providers.

What are the requirements for becoming a VPA member?

VPA members share our commitment to excellence and integrity in vehicle protection programs. All VPA members are expected to operate in a manner to meet or exceed federal and state regulations, and to adhere to industry guidelines and the VPA Standards of Service.

To apply for membership in the Vehicle Protection Association, simply complete the VPA Membership Application form and submit it to us with a check to cover your VPA membership dues. For more membership information, contact VPA Executive Director.

What is the cost of VPA membership dues?

VPA membership is available for four categories of automotive protection program providers: (1) marketing companies, (2) vehicle service contract administrators and insurers, (3) payment processing companies, finance companies or technology providers, and (4) attorneys, consultants or independent agents.

Like any trade organization, the VPA requires its members to pay annual dues. The dues for each membership category are $2,000 per year. VPA membership dues are non-refundable, and can be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

What is the difference between VPA membership and VPA certification?

All VPA members are required to comply with VPA Standards of Conduct and other industry practices. The VPA also offers an additional level of accountability in the form of VPA certification.

The VPA certification process is an exhaustive, third party review designed to show consumers and regulators that your firm is in full legal compliance and follows industry best practices. VPA certified companies gain the advantage of being validated by an independent review mechanism as well as insights that allow them to streamline their organization.

The VPA member application fee for certification is $500. Prospective VPA certification candidates are also responsible for the cost of the independent auditor during the certification process.