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November 2009 Member Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 8
Member Issue

Latest update of items of importance to members of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA)


Prerecorded Messages & Third Party Vendors

As we all know, the FTC for the most part banned all prerecorded messages effective September 1, 2009. The only permitted exception by law is very small and extremely specific. This exception is absolutely NOT applicable to third party vendors. If a vendor tells you that he has leads from the Internet that allow him to use a prerecorded call, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. If he tells you he has a legal opinion to support it, the opinion is WRONG. I have this directly from the mouth of the FTC attorneys. The vendor MUST use a live person to transfer the call to you. There are vendors out there who are doing it the proper way.

Regardless, the VPA’s Standards of Conduct prohibit the use of all prerecorded messages. Remember, that’s the vehicle (no pun intended) that brought down this intense reign of scrutiny. The short term gain, if any, is simply not worth further antagonizing consumers, the press and the regulator community.


This week, our legal counsel’s son received multiple robocalls for an extended warranty on his cell phone. The calls were not identifiable with caller ID, etc. We need to find out who is still threatening the existence of our industry! If anyone contacts you to offer you a robocall marketing plan, or if you have any information on who is making these calls, please contact Helen Mac Murray immediately at or 614-939-9955. Thanks.

Source: Helen MacMurray - MacMurray, Petersen, Shuster

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