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How to Buy Vehicle Service Plans

Vehicle service plans protect car owners’ investments and offer security against the cost of unexpected repairs. Although some consumers mistakenly believe that vehicle service plans are only available through dealerships, independent vehicle service plan providers are the backbone of the industry.

At the VPA, we are committed to helping consumers choose the vehicle service plans and providers that are the right fit for their unique car and truck needs. VPA certified vehicle service plan providers are required to adhere to strict standards in advertising, contracts, messaging and other areas.

When buying a vehicle service plan, it’s important to know that your provider complies with legal and ethical business standards. Specifically, you will want to make sure your provider doesn’t engage in illegal telemarketing activities (like “robo-calling”) or engage in deceptive practices in the delivery of contracts and messaging.

To protect your interests, the VPA actively promotes fair and ethical practices, discouraging the use of “extended vehicle warranties” and other terms that can deceive consumers. By encouraging self-regulation in our members and across the industry, we help ensure that the marketplace for vehicle service plans remains fair and honest.

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