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Guidelines for Outbound Telemarketing in the Vehicle Service Contract Industry

Through the efforts of the VPA and our member companies, the industry has refined its approach to telemarketing and created a business environment that is more protective of consumer rights.

In order to maintain industry-wide integrity in the area of telemarketing, the VPA has created self-regulatory guidelines for the use of telemarketing in the sale of vehicle service contracts. Although the following list is not exhaustive, our telemarketing rules contain several highlights that protect consumers and guide the actions of service contract providers.

DNC (Do Not Call) Regulations

VPA members are required to comply with federal/state DNC laws, and must obtain a Subscription Account Number before they begin telemarketing. Members must also maintain an internal DNC list and scrub outbound telemarketing calls against this list.


Telemarketers representing member companies must immediately disclose their identity and identify the purpose of the call. Any attempt to obscure the true nature of the call is in violation of VPA Standards of Conduct.

Caller ID & Call Restrictions

Members must display an accurate caller ID when telemarketing to consumers. The use of confusing IDs is not permitted. VPA members are expressly prohibited from contacting consumers for telemarketing purposes before 8AM or after 9PM local time. Telemarketing calls are similarly restricted by state laws governing Sunday and holiday calling.

Prerecorded Messages

According to VPA Standards, members may not use prerecorded sales messages at any point during the sales process.

Additional Restrictions

VPA telemarketing rules address many additional topics including the future implementation of a VPA-wide DNC list, the use of third party telemarketing vendors, negative option requirements and other issues designed to protect consumers from predatory telemarketing practices.

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