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The VPA Advantage for Consumers

Looking for extended warranties on a car? Not so fast. What you are actually looking for is a vehicle service contract.

Legitimate companies in the vehicle service contracts industry will never offer you extended warranties for a car or other vehicle. Legally, a warranty is something unique, and it's very different from a service contract.

We strongly recommend that you work with VPA member companies when procuring a vehicle service contract. VPA members are all about playing by the rules and doing right by consumers. They will never represent their products as extended warranties for cars or use other language designed to intentionally deceive consumers.

How the VPA Protects Consumers

The VPA offers several important advantages for consumers. For starters, the VPA is the leading not-for-profit trade association in the automotive service contract industry and in many ways, represents the voice of consumers in the vehicle service contract business community.

There are a number of practical strategies the VPA employs to protect consumers from unfair business practices. VPA members are prohibited from falsely marketing "exclusive" or "urgent" products to consumers and will never use limited time offers as a way to deceptively manipulate consumers into taking immediate action.

Many "extended warranties" car service contract companies use the impression of exclusivity as a way to make consumers feel as though they are being offered a special deal. But VPA members will never communicate that you have been preselected for special terms or pricing unless you have actually qualified for a unique product offering.

VPA Certified Companies: Avoiding "Extended Warranties" Car Service Contract Providers

As a consumer, the surest way to avoid "extended warranties" car service contract providers and other shady companies is to purchase vehicle service contracts from a provider found on the VPA Certified Companies list.

VPA certified companies have voluntarily participated in a stringent VPA audit to ensure that they are fully compliant with industry Standards of Conduct and are operating their companies as efficiently as possible. The VPA continues to monitor certified companies for ongoing compliance as an added protection for vehicle service contract consumers.

Getting It Right the First Time

Unfortunately, there are no second chances when it comes to vehicle service contracts. Choose the wrong provider and you could find yourself stuck in a substandard contract for months or even years.

The VPA and its member companies are committed to helping you get it right the first time by delivering premium automotive service contracts in a fair and honest industry setting.

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