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When Not To Buy an Extended Vehicle Service Contract

Buying a vehicle is risky. But buying an extended vehicle service contract from a vendor that is not a member of the VPA is an even riskier proposition.

That's because only VPA members have agreed to follow the VPA's industry Standards of Conduct, a code of ethics that was created to make sure that consumers who purchase an extended vehicle service contract are treated fairly and honestly.

Signs That You Should Not Purchase an Extended Vehicle Service Contract

Unlike many other extended vehicle service contract providers, VPA members have agreed to play by the rules. They have not only agreed to maintain transparency in their service contracts (i.e. avoiding predatory fine print), but to also be transparent in the manner in which they market extended vehicle service contracts to new customers.

If you receive a phone call from a firm that wants to sell you an extended vehicle service contract, the call itself can often tell you whether you should consider doing business with the vendor.

VPA telemarketing standards require all members to register with the Federal Trade Commission and to avoid calling consumers who have opted out in the National DNC (Do Not Call) Registry.

Additionally, calls from VPA members will display an accurate caller ID number and immediately identify both themselves and the nature of the call. Under no circumstances will a VPA member call you about extended vehicle service contract opportunities before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM.

Lastly, VPA members will not incorrectly refer to their offering as being an extended vehicle warranty. Instead, VPA members will reference their offerings with the correct name: vehicle service contract.

These and other telemarketing restrictions reinforce the VPA's awareness of the need to reach consumers in a manner that is respectful of their expressed marketing preferences. All Association members offering vehicle protection services must also comply with applicable federal and state telemarketing regulations.

Consumer Benefits of VPA Certified Companies

Some extended vehicle service contract providers go the extra mile to ensure compliance with VPA Standards of Conduct and industry best practices. These providers voluntarily submit to the additional scrutiny of the VPA certification process, a top to bottom review that evaluates compliance with telemarketing standards and other requirements.

For vehicle owners, VPA Certified Companies are a safeguard against predatory and unfair business practices. To further protect consumers, the VPA routinely monitors the companies we certify to make sure they continue to meet ethical standards and compliance requirements on a go-forward basis.

Becoming an Informed Extended Vehicle Service Contract Consumer

Information is the consumer's best friend. The more you know about the companies with which you do business, the less likely it is that you will be taken advantage of in the marketplace.

When it comes to information, the VPA does the heavy lifting for you. By requiring our members to provide high quality and transparent service to their customers, the VPA gives our members and consumers the information they need to conduct smart vehicle service contract purchases.

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