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Do Extended Car Warranties Exist?

You've heard talk about extended car warranties. Maybe you've even thought about buying one to extend your car warranty after the manufacturer's warranty expires as a way to protect your investment in your vehicle.

But what if we told you that extended car warranties don't exist? In fact, a third-party company cannot extend the manufacturer's warranty. All they are legally permitted to do is to offer you a vehicle service contract -- and that's not the same thing as an extended car warranty.

Sadly, consumers still incorrectly refer to these contracts as extended car warranties. VPA members are restricted from portraying their offerings as extended car warranties. Since VPA members have agreed to adhere to industry standards that protect consumers, consumers should avoid doing business with a company that tries to sell them an extended car warranty without explaining that their offering is not a warranty, as defined by law.

VPA Members Go the Extra Mile to Protect Consumers

VPA members are committed to protecting consumers from unfair and unethical business practices, including the sale of so-called extended car warranties. Association members go the extra mile to make sure their organizations treat every customer fairly and honestly -- just as they would a member of their own families.

Even more, VPA members require their vendors and business partners to share their commitment to ethical business practices. VPA members' business partners must follow applicable laws, regulations and industry standards in the marketing and delivery of their products or services. If they don't, VPA members will no longer do business with them. It's just that simple.

VPA Certified Companies: The Gold Standard of the Vehicle Service Contract Industry

The VPA certification process delivers a number of important benefits to consumers and to the auto service contract providers themselves. As a customer of a VPA certified company, you gain the assurance of a first-rate service contract experience. VPA certified companies voluntarily submit to a rigorous review and evaluation process that evaluates their compliance with VPA standards of excellence and industry regulations.

Companies that participate in the VPA certification process gain not only the confidence of being a fully compliant service contract provider, but also the ability to operate much more efficiently than they did prior to the audit.

Creating a Better Automotive Service Contract industry

The VPA is dedicated to constantly monitoring and improving the automotive service contract industry. We routinely protect consumers from "extended car warranties" and other deceptive practices intended to manipulate you into buying the wrong product.

To protect your vehicle investment, we think it's important for you to consider buying your next automotive service contract from a VPA member or certified company. With so many providers and products in the marketplace, VPA affiliation should be a primary factor in your purchasing decision.

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