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December 2009 Horizons Newsletter

Latest update of items of importance to members of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA)


Hold the date: December 10, 2009 at 10 AM Central, 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific. 
Details, including call in information and an agenda will follow. If you have any suggested agenda items, please contact me at:


On Thursday, Dec. 3rd several board members and board legal counsel will meet with the Missouri  Attorney General’s office (AGO) to discuss the VPA’s self-regulatory efforts. We will share the  recently adopted Standards of Conduct and update the office on the VPA certification program. We  hope to convince the AGO to give the VPA certification program an opportunity to insure our  members are complying with the law and to avoid the need for any more lawsuits.


In response to the subpoenas many VPA members received from the New Jersey Attorney  General’s office, several board members and board legal counsel met with the AGO to introduce the  VPA, its history, purpose and self-regulatory efforts. We provided them with a White Paper that  reviewed these efforts and the Standards of Conduct. We also reviewed the certification program.  Although the AGO had many questions, they seemed impressed with our work to date and seemed  willing to work with the association as we assist our members with compliance issues.


A member directory for VPA members is available to members only. To get your copy, please send an e-mail at

Texas Commission of Licensing – NEW RULES:

The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation recently adopted new rules regarding service contract providers/administrators. The new rules take effect November 16, 2009. One of the significant changes (with a delayed effective date of February 1, 2010) will require those who sell service contracts to clearly and conspicuously identify, on their written advertising materials, the service contract provider’s name (administrator). There is no guidance on whether or how this disclosure should be made if the seller offers more than one administrator’s service contract. The VPA board will be considering how to obtain clarity on this requirement. The adopted rules may be viewed on TDLR's web site. See:

VPA LOGO now available to members

A VPA member logo is now available for use by members in your advertising, on your website, etc. It is being offered to current members (i.e. dues not due before January 1, 2010) and recipients will have to sign and return an agreement covering proper use. To get yours, contact Please note that this logo is different from the VPA Certified logo and is not offered in lieu of the Certification logo. Both can be used concurrently and together.

VPA Membership Dues

VPA Annual Renewal Dues are due NOW for members that joined in 2008. If you need another copy of your invoice, please contact

or 302 524-1150 ASAP. Late payments are now subject to a 15% penalty. Thanks for your prompt attention. We appreciate your continued support.

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