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Car Maintenance After Service Contract Purchase

When a car's factory warranty expires, consumers have the option of purchasing a vehicle service contract to minimize or, in some cases, eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for automobile repairs.

After you purchase a vehicle service contract, don't forget that you must continue to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's car maintenance specifications.

The manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance are outlined in the owner's manual, and the manufacturer may recommend different maintenance schedules depending on the operating conditions (e.g. severe weather). You should make sure that you adhere to the maintenance routine that is appropriate for your operating conditions.

It is also important to use only the recommended grade of lubricants and coolants, as specified in your owner's manual. Make sure to keep verifiable receipts for required maintenance that you have paid for, including receipts for parts and for labor.

All of this is very important because failure to maintain your vehicle properly can result in the denial of a vehicle service contract claim. The key takeaway for consumers is to read their vehicle service contract closely in order to fully understand what is required of you in order to make a claim on your service contract.

Buying a Vehicle Service Contract

Many consumers shop for this post-warranty car coverage by entering phrases like "Cars Extended Warranties" or "Extended Car Warranty Coverage" into their favorite search engine. In fact, the correct term to enter into a search engine is "Vehicle Service Contract" or "Vehicle Protection Plan." Using the phrase "warranty" is incorrect because a warranty is issued by the manufacturer at the time of purchase and cannot be extended by a third-party company. This is important for consumers to know because reputable companies will not call their offering an "extended car warranty" and it can be an easy way to tell whether you are dealing with a good vehicle service contract vendor..

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