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A good auto services contract protects your investment in your vehicle. Without a reliable auto services contract, you could find yourself unable to cover the cost of unexpected and potentially expensive repairs. So the question isn’t whether or not to purchase coverage – but how to buy the auto services contract that’s right for you.

For many vehicle owners, independent service contract providers are the way to go. Independent auto services contract providers are the lifeblood of the industry. Although many dealers and manufacturers claim to offer “extended vehicle warranties”, ethical independent auto service contract companies understand that this kind of terminology can be misleading to consumers.

The presence of independent auto service contract companies also ensures that the industry remains competitive, mitigating the ability of dealerships and vehicle manufacturers to exercise monopoly power on prices.

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is dedicated to protecting the trust that exists between consumers and the nation’s leading independent auto services contract providers, many of whom are VPA certified auto services contract companies.

 By maintain certification in our association, these companies agree to comply with VPA Standards of Conduct – rigid guidelines that address a range of issues and protect consumers in the auto services contract market.

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