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Characteristics of Reputable Vehicle Service Contract Providers

Want to buy an extended warranty for your vehicle? The key is educating yourself on the market -- and the first thing you should know is that the correct term for what you want to buy is a vehicle service contract, not an extended warranty.

While most consumers want to buy an extended car warranty, the reality is that only the manufacturer can issue a warranty. VPA members -- companies that have agreed to follow industry guidelines to protect consumers -- will never call a vehicle service contract an extended warranty because it can be used to intentionally deceive consumers.

If a firm consistently invites you to buy an extended warranty and never explains that the phrase is legally incorrect, you should avoid purchasing a vehicle service plan from that provider. Think about it . . . If they can't get the industry phrasing right, what other industry rules or standards are they ignoring?

The Value of Working With VPA Members to Procure a Vehicle Service Contract

There are several important characteristics consumers need to look for when shopping for a vehicle service contract provider. VPA members offer consumers value and security because they are required to adhere to strict industry Standards of Conduct.

For example, VPA members are required to provide prospective customers with sample contracts and to promptly mail a copy of the customer's contract after they agree to a purchase.

Similarly, VPA members must strive to make their contracts as clear as possible, carefully describing the date, price, terms, coverage, exclusions and other information in a manner that complies with state laws and can be easily understood by consumers. Any attempts to achieve an advantage through fine print or to misrepresent the transaction as an opportunity to buy an "extended warranty" are strictly forbidden.

Added Value of VPA Certification

VPA certified companies give consumers even more bang for their buck. The VPA certification process requires companies to participate in a stringent audit process that evaluates compliance with VPA Standards of Conduct, industry regulations and other criteria.

The VPA certification process also helps vehicle service contract providers improve their organizational efficiency, giving consumers the benefits of a first-rate vehicle service contract experience. Consequently, we advise all consumers to prioritize VPA Certified Companies in their automotive service contract search.

A Quality Vehicle Service Contract Buying Experience

The VPA believes in the value of vehicle service contracts to consumers. But we also recognize the importance of maintaining integrity throughout our industry. As a result, VPA members are constantly striving to exceed your expectations and deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the automotive service contract business.

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