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Benefits of Vehicle Service Contracts

For most consumers, a vehicle purchase is a major investment. Like it or not, you have a lot riding on the value of your car or truck – and that means the decision to purchase a vehicle service contract isn’t something you can afford to take lightly.

A vehicle service contract is almost always a smart choice for consumers interested in protecting themselves from the high costs of unexpected vehicle repairs. In this section, we describe the benefits you can expect to receive from a vehicle service contract and how to maximize the return on your investment in your auto.

  • Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract - Automotive service contracts deliver real value by helping consumers protect against major automotive breakdowns by pre-paying for repairs based, often, on set monthly payments. We aim to give consumers peace of mind that they are protected against unexpected repair costs. We discuss the benefits of buying a vehicle service contract.
  • Should I Buy a Car Warranty? - Should I buy a car warranty? That's a great question -- but it's also the wrong question and it could leave you vulnerable to exploitation by unethical companies in the automotive service contract industry.

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