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Tips for Buying Automotive Service Contracts

When buying automotive service contracts, you should always insist on seeing a copy of the contract before you make a purchase.

Reading your automotive service contract in detail will give you a full understanding of what is covered and what is not covered.

Some automotive service contracts will list what is covered, rather than providing a list of what is not covered. Most industry experts recommend that you purchase an automotive service contract that is exclusionary (lists what isn't covered), rather than inclusionary (lists what is covered). Car manufacturer factory warranties are exclusionary, so if you purchase an exclusionary contract, you will be buying coverage for your vehicle that explains coverage in a way that is similar to a traditional car warranty.

There's no reason to spend more on an automotive service contract than you need to. By understanding what repairs are usually required for your vehicle, you can purchase a vehicle service contract that is right for you and right for your car, giving you peace of mind regarding the car repairs that your car is most likely to require based on its make, model and age.

To ensure that you are working with an automotive service provider that has your best interests in mind and that follows industry standards of conduct, we recommend that you only purchase a service contract from a VPA Certified automotive service contract vendor.

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