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American Greed and US Fidelis: The Real Story

American Greed's story on US Fidelis resuscitates an old story in the vehicle service contract industry, but consumers can rest assured that the industry has purged itself of bad actors and has put effective corrective measures in place to protect consumers.

Why Consumers Can Rest Easy When Working With Certified VPA Members

In response to the unethical and illegal practices of US Fidelis, which are covered in detail by American Greed, the vehicle service contracts industry worked diligently as a group, in partnership with regulators and law enforcement agencies, to make sure that fair and legal business practices are adhered to throughout the industry:

  • The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) was formed to monitor automotive service contract providers. As an industry trade organization, we are committed to ensuring regulatory compliance among members, educating consumers on their rights, protecting consumers, and otherwise ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry.
  • The industry no longer refers to what it provides as "extended car warranties" or even "car warranties" -- misleading phrasing. The proper terminology is now "vehicle service contracts."
  • The VPA defined industry Standards of Conduct, an ethical code of conduct established to protect the rights of consumers who purchase vehicle service contracts.
  • The VPA launched its Certification-Audit Program, which allows consumers to determine whether a service contract vendor is in compliance with VPA standards. This program gives consumers information they can use to evaluate the trustworthiness of a vehicle service contract company.
  • The VPA currently has over 50 members. Consumers who wish to protect their vehicle can find a VPA Certified Vendor here.
  • The VPA has worked on, and continues to work on, countless other initiatives designed to protect the integrity of the industry and avoid any repeat of the unfortunate and unforgivable actions of Darain Atkinson, Corey Atkinson, and others at US Fidelis who pursued deceptive and misleading direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to fool customers and take advantage of them. Their actions do not represent the industry, and the industry condemns them and any other companies who so tarnish the integrity of an industry that provides value to consumers who wish to protect their vehicles.

Advice to Viewers of American Greed's Story on US Fidelis and Extended Car Warranty Scams

American Greed does an excellent job of finding the worst actors in our society and exposing their crimes in an engaging fashion. However, don't judge an entire industry based on the actions of a few bad apples, particularly on isolated bad actions that occurred several years ago. Peruse our site and learn about the many benefits of vehicle service contracts. This is an industry that helps people protect what for many is their most important asset -- their vehicle. If you work with a reputable VPA-certified vendor, you will be safeguarding against working with those firms who do not adhere to the high ethical standards that we have embraced as an industry.

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