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Advertising Standards for VPA Members

The VPA goes to great lengths to protect the trust that exists between consumers and vehicle service contract companies. VPA Standards of Conduct prescribe a multitude of business practices that VPA members have agreed to follow in the area of advertising. These include:


Advertising messages should clearly articulate the nature of the offer. False or misleading advertising (in any form) is not tolerated according to VPA Standards of Conduct. Additionally, the use of specific terms such as “free” or “complementary” must be accompanied by proper disclosures if the consumer is required to perform an action to take advantage of the offer.


VPA Standards of Conduct expressly prohibit members from making advertising claims or offers that cannot be easily substantiated or duplicated.

Informational Marketing

Informational marketing pieces can be useful resources for consumers. To protect consumers, VPA Standards of Conduct require members to clearly and conspicuously disclose that consumers’ responses to such materials will be used as opportunities for the member to sell that consumer a vehicle service contract.

Mailing Lists

VPA members must perform due diligence to ensure that consumer information contained in mailing lists has been legally obtained, including affidavits and documentation from lead list providers. Before VPA members leverage DMV consumer data for advertising purposes, they must comply with federal rules requiring individualsto opt-in to the release of their motor vehicle public information.

Other Requirements

VPA Standards require members to comply with advertising criteria regarding financing, noncompliant leads, VINs and other areas of interest. For a complete list of VPA advertising rules, refer to the VPA Standards of Conduct document.

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