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A good vehicle service contract can prolong the life of your vehicle and protect your pocketbook from costly auto repairs. But to make the most of your vehicle service contract, you’ll need to invest the time and effort it takes to become an informed consumer.

The VPA is dedicated to giving vehicle service contract buyers the resources they need to identify reliable service contract providers and keep their vehicles in top running condition. In this section, you will find a broad range of informational tools designed to educate you about vehicle service contracts, buying tips, vehicle maintenance and other important topics – everything you need to know when you enter the vehicle service contract marketplace.

  • Vehicle Service Contracts - When it comes to vehicle service contracts, informed consumers do business with a VPA member. That's because VPA members are required to adhere to strict standards and business practices.
  • Extended Service Contracts - Extended service contracts exist because manufacturer warranties don't last forever. Today, extended service contracts are the best way to protect the value of expensive purchases.
  • Vehicle Protection Services - Vehicle protection services and extended service contracts are emerging as a viable resource for protecting the value of vehicles over the long-term.
  • Extended Vehicle Service Contract - Buying a vehicle is risky. But buying an extended vehicle service contract from a vendor that is not a member of the VPA is an even riskier proposition.
  • Automobile Service Contract - The automobile service contract industry is very particular about company names. Certain company names are misleading to consumers and must be avoided by all VPA members.
  • Vehicle Service Plan - VPA members are committed to delivering the best possible vehicle service plans to their clients. To maximize the value of vehicle service plans, it's important for consumers to know what to look for in a vehicle service plan provider.
  • How to Avoid Dishonest Extended Vehicle Service Providers - Believe it or not, there is no such thing as an extended vehicle warranty. The correct terminology is vehicle service contract or vehicle protection contract.
  • Extended Car Warranties Are a Misnomer - You've heard talk about extended car warranties. Maybe you've even thought about buying one to extend your car warranty after the manufacturer's warranty expires as a way to protect your investment in your vehicle. But does such a thing really exist?
  • Origins of Vehicle Service Contract Industry Reform - Although many advances have been made toward eliminating deceptive "extended car warranty" practices and creating a more ethical automotive service contract industry, the VPA isn't resting on its laurels.
  • The VPA Advantage for Consumers - Looking for extended warranties on a car? Not so fast. What you are actually looking for is a vehicle service contract.
  • Characteristics of Reputable Vehicle Service Contract Providers - Want to buy an extended warranty for your vehicle? The key is educating yourself on the market -- and the first thing you should know is that the correct term for what you want to buy is a vehicle service contract, not an extended warranty.
  • "Extended Warranty" Scam History - To avoid being the victim of an extended warranty scam, consumers need to understand the history of automotive "extended warranty" scams.

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